Should You Phone or Email Your Editor?

Whenever a client (or potential client) wants to talk on the phone, I silently cry inside, “Editors don’t do phone!” I’m kidding of course, but not completely. By nature, editors are most comfortable with the written word and therefore prefer to communicate by email. If an author wants to speak to me, I will, even […]

Strange Things Found in Library Books

When librarians were asked about some of the strangest things they’ve found in library books, balogna slices and divorce papers were among some of the answers. Check this out:    

Dream Sequences

There’s a reason many agents cringe when they encounter dream sequences, unless done for the right reasons. They are usually a cheap way of expressing information. Writers often use dreams to help the reader understand what is lurking in the character’s mind, to untangle the protagonist’s quandary, or subconsciously reveal the next steps for the […]