Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

If you do an Internet search, you will find innumerable book editors out there. It can be overwhelming trying to sort through them. And like any other business, editors and writers range from incompetent to excellent. No matter who you choose to edit your manuscript, here are some questions to consider:

1) How long has the editor been in business?
Valerie has been editing for 16 years.

2) Has the editor also worked as a writer? If not, are you confident in his or her ability to understand the writer’s unique concerns?
Valerie has worked as a writer for 20 years, in nearly every capacity, and still does.

3) Has the editor ever worked for a literary agent before?
Valerie worked for a literary agent for two years.

4) Is the editor really a writer who does editing on the side?
Valerie, and the other editing professionals she occasionally employs, are full-time expert editors and writers.  

5) Will you have a solid price in place before the editor begins work on your manuscript?
You will know the exact cost of your project before starting. Unlike other companies who give “estimates,” we give you an exact number.

6) Does the editor have an advanced degree (higher than a bachelor’s) in writing, editing, or publishing?
Valerie has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in publishing.

7) Will the editor offer you a free sample edit of your own work?
Unlike most editorial companies, we are happy to provide a free sample edit. We’re proud of our work.

8) Does the editor keep up with the latest trends in publishing, and continuously work to improve his or her book and manuscript editing skills?
Many professions (especially in the medical field) actually require employees to take continuing education classes. We believe that book editors should, too. So, we do that. Valerie recently completed a short story class at UCLA, and a class with the renowned Christine Hemp at the University of Iowa, for example. She also keeps abreast of publishing trends by attending Book Expo America, the largest publishing conference in the world, and by subscribing to industry publications.