“Valerie’s evaluation of my manuscript was meticulous…more than just a second set of eyes, it was a writers’ workshop! She broke it down and gave it to me straight. She shared what worked, and what needed work, and she was extremely generous with her insider knowledge of the fast-changing world of publishing. This was certainly the best $150 I’ve spent, and I’m forever grateful for her expert analysis and advice. If I get a book deal, or decide I want to self-publish, I’m thanking The Write Edit in my acknowledgements!”

– Nancy Charbonneau, Northampton, MA

“If fingers were thumbs, Valerie Brooks at The Write Edit would get ten thumbs up! After having a previous, and very expensive, edit of my first book, I still found my dysfunctional relationship with the comma revealed. I was recommended to Valerie, and I couldn’t have been happier. She had an eagle eye for errors and omissions, and even explained the “hows” and “whys.” I highly recommend this professional, wonderful editor to anyone.”

– Linda Cousine, author of Hotter Than Ever, Dead Again, Twenty-one Trees, Confessions of a Nerdy Girl

“Valerie understood my material immediately and was an absolute pleasure to work with. It would be impossible for me to recommend her more highly. I can’t wait to do it again!”

– Marcus Bleecker

“I was a professional writer and editor for more than twenty years, so I know quality editing when I see it. And I saw it on Valerie’s work on my novel. She clearly has a firm grasp of all aspects of manuscript evaluation and editing. Nothing gets past her. She will be the go-to lady on my next novel. Highly recommend.”

– Frank Victoria, author of The Founders’ Plot
(Winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award for political thriller)

“You have been instrumental in helping me land a publisher! I’ve been writing poetry since my teens, but I never imagined I’d see them in magazines and now in book form. I credit you for both of these accomplishments. You helped me improve my writing and open my mind to the nuances of poetic verse. You truly have a gift for this. I can’t thank you enough!”

– Leah Rubabshi, author of A Rainbow World and The Hidden Artist

“I have finally concluded my thorough review of your work on my manuscript, and I wanted to say again how happy I am with what you did. I’m certain to have more stuff to be edited in the future, and you will, without a doubt, be my go-to person.”

– Jess Place

“Thank you so much for your manuscript evaluation. You did an amazing job outlining the strengths and opportunities of my work. Not only did you provide outstanding feedback and specific examples, it was obvious you really care about helping writers reach their potential. Your evaluation exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for all your help and guidance.”

– Alan Hlad, author of The Long Flight Home

“Wow! Extraordinary! Thank you so much. I really could not have said this myself. I really appreciate it! You are a very good writer and I am very glad to be working with you.”

– Sky Blossoms, author of Best Thing Ever: How to Let True Love Into Your Life

“Thank you so much! I appreciate all that you did for my manuscript. You truly are a genius!”

– Audrey Dillon, author of The Girl Who Said Yes

“I’m so blessed to have your talent in my life. Thank you so much!”

– Stacy Snapp-Killian

“I really appreciate your insight and understanding of what I am doing.”

– Pamela Robins, author of The Animal Method

“Valerie has been a great find for me. Working with her is like being in an advanced writing class, and her evaluations are invaluable. She presents an honest assessment, along with recommendations for improvement. Through it all, she recognizes and respects the writer’s voice and strengths, and presents a springboard for growth. I’m so grateful that I found her.”

– Maura Beth Brennan

If you are a satisfied client, please consider leaving a testimonial at Valerie@TheWriteEdit.com. Thank you!