Frequently Asked Questions

1) What forms of payment do you accept?
The Write Edit accepts PayPal, money orders, and cashier’s checks (no personal checks, please). Most clients use PayPal because payment is instant, which means I can get started on your project immediately. Otherwise, I need to wait for payment to clear. You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal, and you can use any major credit card or debit card on the PayPal site.

2) When will the work begin on my manuscript or writing project?
I begin work as soon as payment clears. After mutually agreeing to work together, you will be given a short Author Agreement to fill out. This will tell you the cost, delivery time frame, and name of your project. You will need to fax, scan, or e-mail back the form, and then make payment by clicking on the “Payment Page” button. The process is very simple.

3) Do you follow any particular style guide?
I default to Chicago Manual of Style, but I can also use AP if you request it. I can also employ APA for scholarly works.

4) Can you edit for British or Canadian English, if requested?

5) Can I pay in installments?
Yes, under certain circumstances. If the job is over $1,000, I will accept half up front. The balance will be due before the final project is released to you.

6) What happens if you can’t finish my editing or writing job?
If I am unable to begin or complete your project, I will refer you to a highly competent editorial professional. In the extremely rare instance that I have started a project but cannot complete it, The Write Edit will refund the prorated amount due you, based on word count. If hours have been incorporated into the project (for example, if research was done), an accurate and fair amount will be refunded to you. I am interested in maintaining a happy and mutually beneficial relationship with you.

7) Are there ever instances when you choose not to work on a particular editing or writing project?
Yes. An example would be if the material is something I do not handle (for example, erotica or graphic novels).

8) Do you offer sample edits?
If requested, I will usually offer a short sample edit of your work in Word.

9) How do you communicate with authors?
I prefer to communicate through e-mail. It is sometimes helpful to refer back to a written conversation. I might want to remember something specific that you requested. However, if you want to speak on the phone, I am happy to do so.

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