Software Insanity

I’m considering buying Adobe X Pro for Mac. Here’s a sample of some of the small print involved (and just to make it realistic, I’ll put it in small print for you.)

This free trial is not available for Mac; however, you can download the entire series as a trial for Mac. This software package is 10.3G and will take 94 hours to download on a high-speed connection. If you choose to purchase it after trial, it will cost $1,899 and there is no guarantee you will not need to purchase an upgrade for $199 within 1 month of purchasing. Are you sure you want this? I wouldn’t.

A Pulitzer Pens a Dog-cloning Tell-All

My friend and colleague, the uber-talented Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Woestendiek has a new book, published by Penguin, “Dog, Inc. The Uncanny Inside Story of Cloning Man’s Best Friend.” I read it and it’s fantastic. Follow his funny and heartfelt journey across the U.S. with his dog Ace, John Steinbeck style, at his website: and the other site:

Paper or Kindle?

Lately, I’ve been struggling with the advent of electronic books. I’m all for changing with the times, but there’s nothing like holding a delicious book or magazine in your hand, yes? As our entire lives seem to be abdicating to the electronic realm, I, for one, will put on a smile and be kind to the Kindle, yet still sing the praises of the paper page. You?