Not Needing the Dramamine

So, I’m skipping Book Expo America this year. I’m just not ready for the angry streets of Manhattan, the cabbies who inspire me to down entire bottles of Dramamine to survive their driving, the crowds of pushy New Yorkers (I can say that because I am a native NYer and did a little pushing myself), and then shamelessly handing out my card to anyone at the Expo even remotely connected to publishing (which is, of course, everyone), and making maybe 3 connections but not recouping even half the money it cost me to fly there, stay there, and eat there (I miss NY bagels, but at $12 a pop?)

The truth is, my business revolves around writers and authors who need editing. BEA is geared for people who buy books (bookstore owners) and publishers who are promoting their not-yet-released titles. Me? I just want people to either hire me to write, or even better – people who need kick-ass, uber-publishable, brilliant editing. That means I’m better off attending writer’s conferences than Book Expo.
Don’t get me wrong. The last time I went to Book Expo America, I came home with over 50 advance copies of brand spankin’ new titles. What could be better than free books? Not much, except saving my money for the upcoming Iowa Writing Festival, and my first colonoscopy (did I just say that?). Just hope I don’t end up kicking myself in the tushy for not going to Book Expo this year.

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Thomas Jefferson once said: “The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years.” Okay, so there’s clearly no chance I am related to him in any way. In fact, I wonder just how many writers can even relate to being in bed only during the darkening hours. What is it about us that makes us, as a rule, late risers? Why does inspiration hit at 4AM? Any clues? The way I see it, East Coast writers have the advantage because let’s say an article is due by midnight Pacific time. They really get to hand it in at 3AM. Shouldn’t there be clemency for other time zones?

Okay, signing off now. By the way, it’s 9 PM (11 PM Eastern).