Happy National Grammar Day – One Day Late

I figured it would be so predictable to blog on NGD, so I didn’t.

Sometimes, just for poops and giggles, I tap into my inner New York voice. (I’m allowed to; I grew up on Long G’island.) So, my husband and I were talking about National Grammar Day, ’cause we’re both word geeks, even though he at least balances that by being a veterinarian. I was telling him how, in junior high, we wrote letters to our friends during homeroom and study hall, and I distinctly recall saying I had a gramma test coming up. I think we actually believed that was how to spell it.

My husband said to me, “Did you mean ‘grandma?'”

“Yes, Mark, I was telling my friend that I had a grandma test coming up. Seriously?”

I guess only a native New Yawka can appreciate this…


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