I got a job reviewing books for Kirkus, even though my husband keeps calling them Birkus. I am loving it and it feels fan-freaking-tastic to be in company with some of the best book critics in the world. When I first got the job, my ego ran for the toilet, but it has emerged (I had to clean it off a bit.) I’d love to hear about your favorite places to read book reviews. Mine? NY Times, Kirkus (!), and Bookmarks Magazine.


  1. Ron Ganta says

    congratulations on the kirkus job. they have a great but tough reputation. I hope you go kind on those authors. My manuscript is almost ready for you.

  2. Elsa Jarron says

    Hey! Congrats on the Kirkus gig. That’s huge. I would love for Kirkus to review me, as soon as I get a publishing deal. We’ll see!

  3. Lydia says

    Since I’m a school librarian, I always read the reviews in “School Library Journal” and when I need suggestions for ordering titles on certain topics, I turn to them first.

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