Paper or Kindle?

Lately, I’ve been struggling with the advent of electronic books. I’m all for changing with the times, but there’s nothing like holding a delicious book or magazine in your hand, yes? As our entire lives seem to be abdicating to the electronic realm, I, for one, will put on a smile and be kind to the Kindle, yet still sing the praises of the paper page. You?


  1. Razor says

    Paper rules. Yes. But Kindle is easier. Gotta go with it I guess. It’s all good because it’s all the same books. Now if those were to disappear, I’d be really ticked.

  2. Lydia says

    I am a big fan of old fashioned printed books. I also can testify to the joy on a child’s face when presented, in their hand, a beautiful book full of beautiful words and/or pictures. However, I am an even bigger fan of anything that gets people to read more. So I say, Vive la difference!

  3. Mark says

    About the only thing I like about the whole e-book thing is that I don’t think you can get a paper cut from one. I guess, as I get older, I’ll like that you can make the print larger without having to put on reading glasses.

    I also hate the thought that \”Big Brother\” can then control the content that you have access to. When you purchase an ebook, you can see the book to the degree that the seller allows, and they have the ability to delete that content from your reader. It’s happened in the past. I haven’t followed how things have changed to see if they’ve fixed this problem, but I’d much rather have a book in my hands than a device whose contents I don’t have sole control over.

    Call me a Luddite, I guess.